And we’re off!!!!

27 Oct

    So, we’re moving. All of us, husband, 2 dogs and 2 cats. We bought a 27′ travel trailer and are moving up north. Built a beautiful home in San Diego over a period of 6 years. I guess I should say renovated.                                                                      I feel like we built it because everything on the property, fence, patio, every color, door, plant, bathrooms, closets, kitchen. You name it, we created it. But its time to uproot and follow the rain, there’s none here. The brown the dry the lack of water, we did it long enough. Time to go while we’re still young enough to do it again. 

    So we moved out October 20, went to a campsite, exhaled, maybe cried a little (me) and the journey begins!!

Monday 24th, 10am 

    And we’re off!! Leaving from Sweetwater campground in Bonita that we’ve been at for 3 days. Giving ourselves time to get our bearings straight and get comfortable in our new home, and why not, we’ve got nowhere to be 🙂

Don’t be jealous. 😉

    We left a few things behind at the house, paint, mortar, grout, you know, things we clearly wouldn’t need to travel with. There was a can of WD40 and I said “should we take this?” Sometimes I really should know better than to listen to him 😏. So many little things that you don’t think of when you don’t know what you’re about to embark on.                               Bring WD40, you’ll need it to grease the wheels, and the stabilizing jacks, and the whatever else. And I guarantee there’s so much more to learn that we forgot to bring. I’ll keep you posted 👍🏻.                                              

11am. And we just now got our check!!          Shits final!! And I mean final final!!

2:30. Leg one of our driving is done!!!!        Made it a short day today. Getting a feel for packing up and driving this thing around. Easing into this crazy journey. Went well, although the roads driving up the 5 north going through LA were by far the shittiest roads. Poor animals are probably feeling sick from all the jumbling.

Checking in at Castaic Lake RV park in Santa Clarita.

Day 2 of the journey.                                                    11 am tuesday 25th, seems like a good hour to leave. 11 am. Time to wake up, in our case, feed the animals, take them on a walk to do their business, have coffee and breakfast. Put everything away, flush the black and gray waters. Just the freedom of not feeling rushed. The next stop is the KitFox RV park in Patterson, CA.                                                         Fun tidbit, passing through Avenal CA, see a sign claiming they are the pistachio capital of the world. Well, now we know 🙂 We will all learn a lot in this trip. 

Day 3. 10:30 am weds 26th.                           Heading north to Redding. James is starting to get this flushing and dumping the black and gray waters from the trailer down. I’ve pretty much got the ‘put anything that will fall in a safe place!’ down. Adaptation. Meaning we can sleep just a few minutes longer. Me likey 🙂

Averaging about 250 miles, 5 hours a day so far. Mostly trying to get out of socal. When we get to the north tip on up to Washington, that’s when there will be sights and beauty and long walks to enjoy. Here, dry, dry bleh. 

We are enjoying the RV camping. The dogs LOVE all the smells. Probably get tired of being chained up together, opposite of back home. A nice fenced in yard with a deck and backdoor always open. The last two sites had a little fenced in area for dogs. They were able to get a little playing time in. They love to wrestle. People probably think they are viscous animals they play so hard.  ​

Signing off for now. Gonna enjoy this ride and give James a little company. If anything fun happens this trip I’ll let you know. 


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