The first bump

27 Oct

Logged another 5 or so hours yesterday, 10/26. It seems to be a comfortable pace for all of us. The cats need stable ground, it seems that meow meows found a nice little cubby to hide and then she peed on James’ socks, thanks!!  So she can’t be trusted! And the dogs just do circles in the back seat trying to sleep or get comfortable. James especially needs the time to decompress.

  Got to our RV park, and while James was checking in there was a lady in the office as well talking to the receptionist and he heard her asking for an extra nights stay. Saying how she was planning on driving up to Oregon tomorrow but there is supposed to be high winds and rain. 

   That’s where our next stop was planned, fortunate for us that he was there at the right time. So we chose to take another day stay as well. A little soon for us to be driving in high winds and rain. We will have to face that fate at some point, and probably soon, but you know what? We ain’t got shit to do right now but drive north so chilling isn’t a problem. Onward! Friday 👌🏻

  Staying at Mountain Gate RV Park, really nice place. They have a nice spacious fenced in area for the dogs, they definitely need it!! Even better, a hot tub with temps up to the Gingerich standards!! Sadly we can’t go in together, no dogs allowed, and can’t leave them unattended. Which we wouldn’t do anyway, and if you’ve met Lily you’d totally understand. She’s a bit on the ‘please don’t ever leave me I’ll loose my shit and find a way to break out to hunt you down!’ Kinda crazy.  But that will not keep us away!!

   So at about 3am the said rain starts, and it has not stopped. I really do miss listening to the rain. Then, at feeding time this morning, noticed a little wet spot on the carpet. Nope, not “little” it was a bit larger area than that one spot. SWEET!!   Adventure really has begun.  Thankfully nothing was leaking from the roof! Adjusted the jacks to level it out and, note to self, put a level on the list and using that from now on. 🙂 James grabbed a tarp from the gas station/stuff store .5 miles away, (he walked there in the rain, not worth it to unhitch and re-hitch the truck)  put it on the roof and the leak has stopped!!!! YAY….. However that means we may need to get it looked at and possibly repaired. Hoping it was just not level and won’t happen again. 

Tomorrow is another day full of adventure. Looking forward to it. 👍🏻🍷


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