Couch potatoes on a rainy day

31 Oct

I was supposed to post this Saturday and didn’t 😦 so keep that in mind. K

The nice thing about having no place to be, at any specific time, is just that. Nice. A vacation without the stress of ‘hurry up and do everything’.                                                              We arrived in Portland last night (10/29)   about 5, got settled in and planned on leaving the trailer tomorrow and heading to the coast and just drive up or down or wherever for hours tomorrow. James has never seen the Oregon coast and I find it amazingly beautiful  and I’m excited to share it with him. Well, no big surprise to any of us, rain. Good old fashioned northwest rain. Rolling with our new temporary slogan, “Eh”. Again, no time frame right now. The house/property whatever hunt has to start real soon, but for now, taking it all in.         

So we hunker in for a rainy day. Not one fur baby objected. I made bacon and basted eggs for breakfast and EVERYBODY  wants some. I mean “only one thing smells like bacon and that’s bacon!!!”     

If you zoom in you can literally see daddy (the black cat) licking his chops. So after breakfast James makes a store run to ensure our “not needing to leave the rest of the day.” And I’m cozing up and cruising through whatever local channels we can get here via antenna. So I stumbled on a channel called METV, and it happens to be at the right time a show is about to start. I kid you not the before it starts I’m told “the program you are about to see is both educational and inspiring.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ok?… and it’s……Saved By The Bell Bitches!!!! I knew I wasn’t wasting my time watching it for all those years!!!

So we chilled, cuddled, wrapped up in blankets with a box of (good) red wine and listened to the rain and wind and the damn Cubs win and the Cowboys win again (do not take Prescott out of the starting position! Obviously!) happy about the boys, 😩about the Cubs. We be Cardinals fans!⚾️


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