Things go wrong. Just keep driving. 

3 Nov

So, James said I should write about the shitty shit as well. OK then. And let me make something clear, I know I can be an emotional handful. I am without a doubt my worst enemy and question almost everything I do. So writing this, isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. But, we all have imperfections.

Lets backtrack… I had been talking about the Oregon coast for years with James. And I mean years. I always thought I’d grow old somewhere in the Northwest. I can’t go inland. Nope. Nada. UhUh. So, back to… The Oregon Coast. Is. Amazing! And if you’ve seen it you know. So James plans a nice little trip on Monday (10/31) to drive up to Tillamook and then head up to Astoria. I know, I really do know better than to question his plans. He’s the google-er and the brains of the operation. As for me, I just had built this up far too much in my head. We get to Tillamook and don’t even get to the cheese factory. Dogs, We have dogs. We had stopped at a gas station and I asked the attendant if he new of any place to eat that was dog friendly. We had a half assed back and forth about dogs and how there probably wasn’t much in the way of outdoor seating, yadyada, in an attempt to make small talk while the gas was pumping. So, funny not so funny, he tried to talk about how loyal dogs are and of course i agreed and then he says…. (don’t quote me but these words are not embellished!)  ‘You could have a really bad day at work and come home and kick your dog and then 5 minutes later they forget and love you just the same’. I sorta froze for a moment and then the tank was full and it was time to leave. Still not sure how I didn’t jump out of the truck and throat punch him!!  Also really wish I did.                                                                              So we just continued on through town and I’m looking at the maps on my phone to Astoria and it doesn’t look like there’s much of a coastal drive. Again, don’t doubt him Desiree, it has been 15 years since you’ve last drove the coast. But still, I’m pretty sure all the good stuff is south. So what does he do? Turn around for me. Remember kids (and by kids I mean literally anybody traveling with him), trust in James’ planning skills. So we head south. Looking on the good old Google maps it looks like the 101 is more inland for a stretch so, hey, I think, lets take this highway, it looks like it goes more along the coast. Right?! 🙂  well its mostly trees, some houses and not clear signage! So we end up having to turn around at one point (did get one cool sighting of that amazing coast! ONE) turns out the road ended there. So we’re back on the highway and cruising along and suddenly it seems we’re driving away from the coast. Yep, it split off but I didn’t realize that bc I didn’t exactly know where I was leading us (don’t trust me). So we end up back on the 101 and off the coast. By now it’s been 4 hours since we left the campsite and one tiny little glimps of that wonderful coast. Sweet. I rock!! Let’s just turn around. Fuck it. At this point I’ve said i’m sorry an annoyingly number of times. James continues to say “it’s ok” clearly without a doubt frustrated, but, it’s ok baby. And then. And then!!! A fucking rock gets kicked up by the truck and fucking rams the window! So, sweet, a cracked window. And now i feel doubly bad. I’ve taken us on an hours long detour with nothing to see and, of course, because of me the window is now cracked!!Let’s all assume, also comfortably know, that I blame this on me as well. So there’s some hiding my face holding back tears going on. The truck is silent for the next hour or so on the way back. THEN

We’re 15 miles from our campsite. 1 HOUR AWAY TRAVEL TIME!!! I put us in rush hour! Sweet, don’t I feel even better now.                   We finally make it back ‘home’, it has been almost seven hours, no stops, nobody ate food, dogs didn’t get to walk or pee. Basically I feel like the worst person/travel partner/navigator there ever was. I was so overexcited about the coast that I made us miss it. Aaaaannnnnddd.  Finally we’re home. Give the kids a short bathroom stretch break, then feeding time comes, and after James says he’s going to take them on a walk, be back in about 30 mins or so.                                                                             Then this guy, who I unintentionally put through driving hell for hours, comes home with a little bouquet of flowers for me :). Walked the dogs to a Home Depot that is a about 10 minutes away. Said he knew I was beating my self up and thought I could use a little cheer. So of course I cry, I apologize again, which by now is so fucking redundant I want to tell me to shut the hell up! I am an emotional basket case!  So, yes, it was a completely wasted day, And I felt completely responsible. And shitty shit will always happen. I am thankful that I am with someone who truly has patience (or an unbelievable skill that Hollywood would admire) with me. 

So there it is folks. Shit goes wrong often. Don’t be me. Be James. Just keep driving, don’t start crying. 


3 Responses to “Things go wrong. Just keep driving. ”

  1. Mac November 3, 2016 at 3:42 am #

    I think you’re looking for Hwy 1. It’s beautiful over there and looks a lot like what I imagine Ireland does. I rode that little scooter all the way down the coast a couple years ago just before I came to see you guys. I stopped and met a friend in Coos Bay while I was there. Don’t worry about the cracks in the windshield. You guys will laugh about it in a couple months. LOL

  2. Shelley Yanak November 3, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

    Yes, my friend, you are too hard on yourself. It’s an adventure. And everything that happens is a memory. A memory made. You are adorable, but James gets the husband of the century award! Keep on going! I love reading about your travels!

  3. Les November 4, 2016 at 1:34 am #

    You guys are amazing. Love you both. Keep your head up. He’s a keeper.

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