The beginning of the search starts here 

4 Nov

So today (11/03) we ventured out into the big world of “Where are we going to live?” James googled properties for sale within our parameters over a few small towns around the park we are staying at and planned our endeavor. We are completely unfamiliar with the area, sans countless hours of James on zillow and other sites as such just searching and clicking. And searching and clicking. And searching and clicking. So this was just a “Let’s get our bearings straight” sorta day. Drove by 7 properties over about 4 hours. Just looking from inside the truck and again, scoping out the area. We’ve been out of our last home (that just sounds strange to say, last home, even in my head) for two weeks now. Driving and staying at RV parks, taking the dogs on walks and showering in the public bathrooms, it’s felt more like camping or a vacation than an actual life change with no idea of where and how, I’m gonna just repeat myself again, the where and how, this will all start again. I don’t know what I was expecting. I’m sure James didn’t quite either, we came in blind. You dream up visions or scenarios in your head, ideas in your mind. That will, and hope, is powerful. We trusted each other and dove in. And.We.Are.In.It. So we’re out driving, the country is beautiful, rural and small. He mapped out a kind of, lets say a letter P route, so we go up and over and around and down, through about 5 or so small towns. We’re driving to the first place and I told James, “Babe, this is it!” Or maybe we said it together, either way he insisted we must go on. Well, after our last little drive around the country, I let him lead. 🙂  Ok fine, I guess I can can see some reservations. 😉 Onward! The next stop is a few miles away, enjoying the scenic drive, the place is sort of off and up on a hill. Eh, not quite happy with the access and then, as we’re driving by the house next door there is a sad looking malnourished dog on their sad front lawn. Dealbreaker for sure! If you can’t handle an animal don’t own one!! And I will not let my dogs see that type of mistreatment. Lily is sensitive. 

So after the first two or so properties it started to sink in a bit. My brain started to rehydrate and process thoughts and my body started to calculate what would need to be done on every piece of land we drove by, looking at all things surounding as well. So many thoughts running through my mind, so many questions I’m asking myself,  “What level of rehab does it need, and where’s the nearest home improvement store?” And on that note, the road to get to and from, “How would we transport materials?” Think of how many trips we’d be making in a day and the time spent! Or when I need some milk or produce or that one ingredient I forgot while making dinner (this has happened more than I’d like to say but the corner store was just that, on the corner) “How far away is that?” Or When it comes time to work again “What is around us and how far away are we?” All things that I should be thinking of and a myriad more. And, of course, the first thing I take into consideration is and always is, the animals, our children. “Where and how fast could we build a fence so they can breathe?” Lily has known nothing but an open door to the backyard her whole life, and the other 3 have enjoyed it as well. I can’t wait to give the kids that again. “How long would the rehab be?” “Would we need to continue to stay in the trailer while the remodel is going on?” And if so, oh, hey! “Where does the poop go?! 💩Where’s the nearest dumping site?” Legit questions my friends!! Legit! So we drive some more. It feels like we drive forever on some of these country roads. A couple looked worth visiting again so we just might but we have more counties to look at for sure. It’s only just begun. 

Now let’s go ahead with the Q&A, only I’ll do both.

Q: Are you guys out of your fucking mind?!          

A: Yes. Probably. Most likely.                                      

Q: Do you have any friends, family or know anybody or anything about the area?                              

A: I’m gonna go with nope, nada, not a fucking clue as to what we’re doing.                                     

Q: You’re still young, how will you support yourselves in the future?                                           

A: Well, we don’t know at this time. I know just as much about the future as you do. Is it scary? As a fucking heartattack!                  

I’ll skip the rest of the Q&A and add a touch of visceral feelings.

Everyday I’m up and down, elated and scared. I’m either organizing or just staring at the tiny little scale of disorganization this little home can handle. I feel creative when I cook on a small scale. I feel artistic moving and moving again all the items of our home, finding where they belong, streamlining the in and the out. (James is definitely not allowed to put away mostly anything in this situation, and he is not sad) We’re making it work and will continue to do so. I believe in us and that’s the most important part. ❤️


One Response to “  The beginning of the search starts here ”

  1. Shelley Yanak November 5, 2016 at 11:18 pm #

    You are a brave soul! I could not do it at my stage in life, so jump in and try to enjoy this journey. You know you will laugh about it soon enough!

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