Dog and Cat lovers only, it’s all about them. If that’s not you, flea now. 

5 Nov

This blog is all about my fur babies and how amazing they have been on this venture. Moving out of our house was a process over a couple months. We got a storage locker and began to move the things we weren’t going to be traveling with, proceed to empty it more and only keep items for the showings and open houses. They all knew something was up, they could feel there was a tremor in the force. All their little snuggle spots, chairs, blankets and pillows were disappearing. The house was becoming just a hardwood floor with a mattress. Then comes the travel trailer. We all know cats aren’t fans of being put in a cage or moving vehicle. We stay our last few days at an RV park just outside of SD, giving us all a minute to acclimate to our new home and tie up a few loose ends.  

Let’s get this party started Beau. They’re pretty good about the driving, they work it out amongst themselves in the truck pretty well. The first leg or two they were thinking “Sweet! Road trip!”  Now they are mostly looking at us like “Another fucking car ride?!” 


The cats seem to be ok with it all. They were my biggest concern. Aside from one little Peeing on James’ clothes incident, (I’m going with Meows) and one little throw up (Daddy, definitely Daddy, but he has a sensitive tummy) they’ve been fucking chill!! YAYThey like to be on the high ground, they are after all, in charge. 

She’s camouflage! Just because it’s a “dog bed” doesn’t mean its only for the dogs. 🙂

Lily’s best friend. All is right in the world when Daddy figures out a way to get his water fix. Beau makes a great pillow, or maybe I can interest you in a Beau scarf.                                                                        Then there’s the family meals. “Only one thing smells like bacon and that’s bacon!!!!”​  (If you zoom in you can actually see Daddy licking his chops!) 👅                               This baby girl is the chillest of them all. Finds that sweet spot and burrows in. Well, thankfully the park we’re at for a few days has a really nice dog run that they LOVE! They do laps chasing each other and get all their wrestling and energy out, we like that.👍🏻 And time to not be linked together, they like that. 🐶

There’s a ton more pics of my babies but I’ll spread them throughout the journey. 😘😽🐶

​      ​​                                                                                   ​



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