It’s really not all logical.

10 Nov

So this really, kick-me-in-the-crotch-throw-a-fast-ball-at-my-face, happened. A TV celebrity is our next President of the United States. If you’ve never seen the movie Idiocracy, 2006, well, there’s no need now because we are living it. Anything I have to say about this election has been said over and over again. I woke up to the unbelievable truth that this is real. That the people, my/our country, voted in this douche canoe so they can feel better about being racist and sexist and vile and well, you can just set that on repeat, only voted to give themselves a hall pass. Fortunate for me I suppose, is that I don’t know anyone where we are, that I don’t have to go to work and actually face people and see the sad looks on their faces, for it to undoubtedly be a topic of conversation. And then there’s the tables, the customers. It would come up. It is the Breaking News !! story and I’m glad I don’t have to share that “what the fuck did this country just do to us” feeling, or even worse, interact with any person showing happiness over, or admitting that they voted for, this whole debacle. So I’m fortunate enough to avoid sharing the worst tequila hangover this country has had in my lifetime. (No I didn’t drink tequila, but there’s no worse hangover.) For now until shit gets really real and he actually takes office, best of luck to us all. 


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