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Shit me no more.Β 

22 Jan

No more shit from other peoples dogs!
We’ve packed up the trailer and the animals on our final descent to our new home!! Needless to say, the kiddies are unimpressed with the journey in their fun little carriers on this lovely truck ride out of the RV park. It’s like a cat song of torture in here πŸ‘πŸ». (maybe have animals out of ear shot of the video) 

The dogs are upgrading to their very own back yard and will have access to it, uninterrupted as they deem necessary. No waiting on us to take them. No hoping the dog park is vacant for them, and the very bestest part of it all, no more of other people’s dogs’ shit!!! πŸ’©πŸ˜‘ Yes, that’s right, done with the keeping the park clean for our dogs to enjoy. 

Mic (in this case Poop Bag) Drop! 

The first (of oh so many) overnight.

22 Jan

We finally did it!! We are officially pulling away from our little trailer, our home for the past 3 months. Spending the last few weeks getting us to move-in ready we’ve had a, I’m pretty sure, regular amount of speed bumps. There was a back and forth until we got the heating unit functioning, it just so turns out it needed to blow some cold air out its ass, (yay for not having to spend money on new parts, and labor!!) and in the meantime there was a separate but equally fun back and forth with the City to finally get the water turned on, heat pending. FINALLY. Water and heat βœ”οΈ. Lastly, the POD that contains the remainder of our belongings is set to be delivered and we can officially make it our home!! All of us and everything. 🏑 Before we left San Diego there was this tiny issue of the key breaking off in the lock and we said “Fuck it for now.” Well now is that time to give that fuck. Alas! 2 hours and $200 later we got in that damn thing and it’s time to unload!!!

My favorite part of Delivering Our Belongings Day was meeting some amazing new people. A dear friend of ours back in SD has family here nearby-ish that we had been on a back and forth with for months trying to get together and, well, the best excuse/make it happen reason is moving day. So these people we’ve never met, and have had a mere texting relationship with, drove about an hour to meet and help us unpack our shit. The introduction was a hug, like we’ve already met, kind of thing. Nothing was forced or awkward. After about an hour or so of, shooting-the-shit-get-to-know-you, face to face we unloaded the POD went to dinner and, it was simply a great day. 

We are home. 

Living Small

14 Jan

I’m going to miss this tiny little home, tiny little kitchen and our tiny little shower. Our kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom are all about 2 feet away from each other. The bedroom is maybe a whole 3 feet away. We have all essentially been, “right here, an arms reach away,” everyday close to 3 months now. Many of you might think I’m totally crazy, but it’s been great, sans a few times I wish the bathroom was more than 2 feet away, for all of us, or how convenient it was to have 2 bathrooms, but mostly great. Living small is fun and creative. Like a puzzle you put together and take apart everyday. When packing for this journey it was hard to decide what to take, what we might need and how fucking long I’d have to plan for. I think I did pretty damn well. The only thing I overpacked was the clothes. Now keep your smart ass, of course you did you’re a woman, thoughts to yourself because it just so turns out, chilling in a trailer with nothing to do and no place to go, rocking your comfy clothes and hitting the shower every few days is not too shabby my friends. And I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to have only worn a bra a handful of times! And even in those times it wasn’t necessary, there was no need to take my coat off!! Ladies, you’re jealous and you know it (but my ladies have loved itπŸ˜‰)!

It was early December (12/12) when we put the bid in on this house. We had been looking for about 6 weeks, spreading over several towns and counties, changing and adjusting our criterias as we went. Our limitations were still just that, limited. For a second there we were weary of finding what we could handle in the area we hoped our next home would be. So we sat down with a nice box of wine, yes, all class in this trailer, and began toying with the idea of hitching up the trailer and driving somewhere else, maybe give Oregon a try, we had no idea. Everything we do, everyday, since October is nothing but money out the door. And for what we are planning, we sort of need as much of that as possible, hence the box of wine and not bottle(s). 
Then it just so happened James stumbled across this one and called our realtor. Funnily enough that’s how he found our first home as well, so this must be a good sign. 🀞🏻 Ok! We decide this is doable and I’m suddenly designing the blue prints of the cuteness factor we can create inside and the awesomeness we’ll do outside in my head. So, onward my friends we mush. And by onward I mean wait. So wait is what we’ve been doing. 

The dogs get their 3 walks a day, James would make the store runs, I’d cook, we’d play games and watch the boob tube. Thats been about it. Outside of my Christmas vacation, this has really been about it. Soon, which will jump up and bite us in the ass any second, we will be unpacking our little trailer and start to fill our new home. It is going to feel HUGE πŸ™‚ The rest of our belongings will supposedly be here early next week so while waiting for that we bought the VERY bare minimal to clean inside and to secure the fence enough to get by. We have all the tools needed to do this rehab on their way in the POD so there is no need to buy more (remember, money out not in). Here’s an example of craftsmanship with refusal to buy something we don’t need, while needing something done right now.Backyard secure for the dogs βœ”οΈ

It’s all uphill from here. 

So it really happened.

10 Jan



Remember that one time, about 2 weeks ago, when I said we were “Getting the house in a week! Like one week!” I think were my words exactly. And then how our POD would take a couple weeks to get here, and we’d have to make do and live minimal with what we had from the trailer into our new empty house for however long it took. Well, hello real world situations where, for once you have planned accordingly and I thank you. Living in said “Real World” nothing works as it should, so unsurprisingly, the signing took a week longer than planned, which lines up nicely with the delivery of the rest of our belongings, and for that, a tip of the hat to you. 🎩

Well, as I’m writing now we are driving in to sign papers. What papers and what do they mean you ask? I don’t fucking know. I just hope it means keys to the house are coming within days and driving out of the trailer park is part of that timeline. We’ve been on cruise control for the past 5 weeks, desperately wanting to get into the fast lane, so we’re ready. Seems to be it may work out accordingly that we should only be sleeping on the floor a few days until that beautiful POD arrives. And! We’ll have all our tools to jump right in with the rehab and our cleaning supplies to, well, clean. Some of these are things that I was worried we’d have to buy, and I really don’t want more stuff. Moving gives you a real awakening to how much shit you acquire that, honestly, you don’t need. Let’s all take a minute to look around you and think, “Do I really need all this?”

But the shit I do need is, thankfully, closer than I thought 2 weeks ago. I want my bed! Sleeping separately for the past few months, with the animals also sharing sleepy time, is getting old. No, not getting, it’s just plain OLD! Last night it was Lily and Meows with me. The night before, Lily and Beau. A few nights ago just Daddy and Meows. You get it, they switch off themselves between James and I bc there’s not room for us all, so we all sacrifice and now, so it seems, we are days away from the humans reclaiming their bed!!! Together!! The struggle of tossing and turning, being oddly careful to not disturb the kids, with the eventual possibility to plain old kick them out will never end, but now, again, we can do it together in the same bed πŸ˜‰.

The damn fur babies always win 😦

Update! Just walked out of the bank. Money sent, house bought. Wednesday we should officially have our keys! Timing again is our friend! Just so happens our week at the RV park is paid through Thursday and that will be our last night here. In our little house, our tiny world. Vacation will be over my friends. All sorts of good, juicy, creative and amazing stories to flood your visual enjoyment coming your way. I will not disappoint. And I thank you for reading/listening. 

Β The ending of chapter 16. Beginning chapter 17.

1 Jan

2016 was a very flirtatious year for us, homeownership wise. The flirting is over. Let’s seal the deal.
For most of 2015 we planned on finishing our house and getting it on the market by the spring of 2016. Big surprise it came way too fast. We were close to being done for maybe 6-9 months. So close, but not quite there. For me, it didn’t really feel quite there for a long time, I drug my feet. I was proud of what we’d done, learned and, to be honest, I drug my feet because I was sad to let it all go, although it did make sense to me. While there were great people that I had met and personalities I really wanted to be around more these last few years, it couldn’t outshine our life there as a whole. At the end of every day, or from the start, all I wanted was to be home with our little family. My door was always open but never knocked on, but in reality, sometimes you have to leave and close it behind you as well, and I seldom did that. So, in being rational, logical, and monetarily smart, let’s do this. Shooting to get on the market in the spring but, not unsurprisingly, the months just kept creeping up and pushing us back. So many details and nuances. So many uncertainties. So many T’s to cross and I’s to dot. Needing to buy this and sell that. Clean that and throw away this. What to take and what to pack. So many ridiculous amounts of, What? But we pulled it off. The last few months, or year(s), in San Diego was so amazingly eye opening. Tiny confirmations that we were making the right decision, from friends new and old, to family or surroundings that were wearing thin. So we did the unfathomable and proceeded to put ourselves and our fur babies’ needs first.

The time had come and we drove out of California with a blank roadmap. Drive North was about as much as we’d mapped out so north we drove. Searching over a small but generous part of western Washington, driving by dozens of houses and looking inside dozens more. There were houses that weren’t worth taking any pictures of, and some that were solely for comical purposes, and then there was a prospect that became a fit for us! And oh-my-fuck-yeah we found a house! Supposedly we should be getting the keys next week. Like, next fucking week!! It’s been one of those hurry up and wait scenarios. For months it’s been pretty much up, down, back and forth. We’re ready to sell! Wait. Sold! Hurry up and move out! Drive. Camp. Drive. Searching for the new house, found one! Wait. Paperwork. Ready. Go!! Waiting for the keys. I don’t think I need to paint an exact picture for you, I can’t. I’m convinced this is going to be an extremely interesting first month of 2017. 

My only hopes, wants or needs right away are, in this order: a secure fence for the dogs, that the old as fuck oven and fridge work for now, and hot water. Everything  we own outside this trailer is sitting in a POD is SD, for a couple more weeks it turns out. Thankfully our trailer has a mattresss that we can pull out and sleep on the floor in the house for the time being, and that will be the only piecce of furniture in the house until then. We have a space heater and plenty of blankets and pillows to cuddle up to and animals to use as blankets whether they like it or not. I know our possibilities when we start on this house are unlimited, that we will make a home for us forever or for someone else in the very near future. Making a tough or inconvenienced situation a warm and happy one, is rewarding and part of the journey itself. We try not to keep things boring around these parts. 

Cheers to a Merry New Year to everyone. And, if needed, a nice tree outside you can hide behind and piss on 2016. ❀🍷