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A Decade Ago

9 May

A decade ago. (05/08/08) Decade. Something happened that completely changed my life.

It was a Cyclist-V-Motorist sorta situation, (and by sorta I mean SHIT). Long story short, I lost. Yet I also won.

I learned how really strong I am. I already knew I was, but didn’t realize how much so. Determined for full recovery, lets not get too dramatic, it was only surgery on the most complicated joint in your body!. (shoulder) But I kicked rehabs ass!

It changed other relationships as well. The bond with my father got stronger. My love for others deeper, (or lesser, I mean, you know 😔)

James. For example.

One who was of the idea that marriage was just, “a form”. Then he became one who couldn’t imagine a life without me, without that “form.” For me, I always wanted to be in a marriage, with someone I could call my husband. And someone to call me his wife. It may sound strange to you, but it had been discussed that at some point, it could quite possibly come into play, as I would not cave. Well, as he’s said, getting that call from work asking where I was. After I’d kissed him goodbye and rode off. No words. Seeing me in that ICU. Changed him.

A decade ago this changed our lives. It changed the path we were on.

For the better.

For the amazing.

I’d prefer to never get hit by a car again, but if I had it do it over, JUST. FOR. THIS. I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’d prefer to be 28 and in shape at said time, but..

For the record, every time I say “My Husband” and every time he says ”My Wife” my heart smiles.

(I can imagine/not smell, plenty of you out there vomiting I’m your mouth a little. Sorry. Sometimes gooey love is real, not gross)

PSA…. Please watch out for cyclists. This is not how we all want to have our lives changed for the better. 🚲🚗👎🏻