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Living Small

14 Jan

I’m going to miss this tiny little home, tiny little kitchen and our tiny little shower. Our kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom are all about 2 feet away from each other. The bedroom is maybe a whole 3 feet away. We have all essentially been, “right here, an arms reach away,” everyday close to 3 months now. Many of you might think I’m totally crazy, but it’s been great, sans a few times I wish the bathroom was more than 2 feet away, for all of us, or how convenient it was to have 2 bathrooms, but mostly great. Living small is fun and creative. Like a puzzle you put together and take apart everyday. When packing for this journey it was hard to decide what to take, what we might need and how fucking long I’d have to plan for. I think I did pretty damn well. The only thing I overpacked was the clothes. Now keep your smart ass, of course you did you’re a woman, thoughts to yourself because it just so turns out, chilling in a trailer with nothing to do and no place to go, rocking your comfy clothes and hitting the shower every few days is not too shabby my friends. And I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to have only worn a bra a handful of times! And even in those times it wasn’t necessary, there was no need to take my coat off!! Ladies, you’re jealous and you know it (but my ladies have loved itπŸ˜‰)!

It was early December (12/12) when we put the bid in on this house. We had been looking for about 6 weeks, spreading over several towns and counties, changing and adjusting our criterias as we went. Our limitations were still just that, limited. For a second there we were weary of finding what we could handle in the area we hoped our next home would be. So we sat down with a nice box of wine, yes, all class in this trailer, and began toying with the idea of hitching up the trailer and driving somewhere else, maybe give Oregon a try, we had no idea. Everything we do, everyday, since October is nothing but money out the door. And for what we are planning, we sort of need as much of that as possible, hence the box of wine and not bottle(s). 
Then it just so happened James stumbled across this one and called our realtor. Funnily enough that’s how he found our first home as well, so this must be a good sign. 🀞🏻 Ok! We decide this is doable and I’m suddenly designing the blue prints of the cuteness factor we can create inside and the awesomeness we’ll do outside in my head. So, onward my friends we mush. And by onward I mean wait. So wait is what we’ve been doing. 

The dogs get their 3 walks a day, James would make the store runs, I’d cook, we’d play games and watch the boob tube. Thats been about it. Outside of my Christmas vacation, this has really been about it. Soon, which will jump up and bite us in the ass any second, we will be unpacking our little trailer and start to fill our new home. It is going to feel HUGE πŸ™‚ The rest of our belongings will supposedly be here early next week so while waiting for that we bought the VERY bare minimal to clean inside and to secure the fence enough to get by. We have all the tools needed to do this rehab on their way in the POD so there is no need to buy more (remember, money out not in). Here’s an example of craftsmanship with refusal to buy something we don’t need, while needing something done right now.Backyard secure for the dogs βœ”οΈ

It’s all uphill from here.