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23 Jan

First. I turned thirty. And that’s the kind of number you need to start a decade. 😉

Then, or second I guess,?🙃  my fiancé and I bought a house/complete-rehab together, which is something that I never thought I would, or could, acheive, but his complete confidence and blind trust in US made me say, “O-fuckin-K!”. 🤷‍♀️ Now, as first time homeowners, with a toolbox that consisted of a hammer, couple screwdrivers and 🤔maybe duct tape❓ we dove in head on. Then we got married. Married! And that is a whole other amazing story that has no ending. ❤️(Spoiler alert, the rest of this decade includes my husband).

We started (‘10) this home-takeover-up-to-our-elbows adventure about a month before we flew off to our wedding, and when we came home had brilliantly allowed ourselves less than a week to move out of our apartment into said compleeeeete makeover, (that was funnily enough completely uncompleted). Wait, I’m not sure if I used the word ‘brilliantly’ correct.❓🤔.  Deep breath. Many many deep breathes. Now I am not one who’s afraid to ask for help, which I really think more people should get over that fear, so ask I did. And, (here is a very tiny piece of the process from the SD home,)

I am so proud and thankful for all the knowledge we gained from friendships that we had built in SD, and all the failures and oops’😮 we had learned through those six years. And those memories will never be forgotten. And it all sure as shit carried over through these last four.

Fast forward to where I am now (‘20) and it’s another home, both town and the four-walls-and-a-roof-kind of home, that I have left my fingerprints all over. And I really mean that in every sense. This house has completely become a reflection of us. My coworkers and the customers at the restaurant/bar I work at have become part of our family as well. I mean, to work at a place where people are happy to see your family, and ask how they are when they don’t, is pretty damn great. And it for sure goes both ways. If I haven’t seen you for a bit, you better come in and say hello so I know you’re ok. After all, we’re family.

In 6 months we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. So yeah, this next decade is going to be amazing as well.

I hope it brings you many many seconds of smiles that warm your heart. Here’s one from me. ❤️

Hello 2018

1 Jan

As 2017 is creeping it’s way out the back door, for so many, many reasons, I say, “Let me hold the fucking door open for you to take all of your garbage out!”

For James and I, the beginning of January ‘17 was in so many ways amazing. We had found, and bought, our new home. New project. In our new state. New city. It was exciting. Invigorating. Fun.

Our fun, on our property, hasn’t faded. We are not near done playing.

This past year however, did not have as much fun, penciled in for us as Id’ve liked.

There were too many tears, shed across several spectrums of my family and friends. More tears than I personally cared to hold back, and more than I cared to ever have.

2018 I welcome you. (Please be nice)

Should Thankful have 2 LL’s

24 Nov

I am thankful.

I am thankful that I can say those 3 words. 

That I have family that I miss, and that miss me as well.

That I have family that are here. To embrace, to share this moment. 

Thankful that my house is filled with nothing but love.

And not just on this day. 

That as I’m writing now, while everyone is asleep, all I hear is my baby Beau snoring. My amazing wind chimes sing, and the pitter patter of rain.

I am home. 

I am thankful    

I guess you could say I’m full of thanks. Thankfull

(Should thankful have 2 L’s?, I feel like it should)

 The ending of chapter 16. Beginning chapter 17.

1 Jan

2016 was a very flirtatious year for us, homeownership wise. The flirting is over. Let’s seal the deal.
For most of 2015 we planned on finishing our house and getting it on the market by the spring of 2016. Big surprise it came way too fast. We were close to being done for maybe 6-9 months. So close, but not quite there. For me, it didn’t really feel quite there for a long time, I drug my feet. I was proud of what we’d done, learned and, to be honest, I drug my feet because I was sad to let it all go, although it did make sense to me. While there were great people that I had met and personalities I really wanted to be around more these last few years, it couldn’t outshine our life there as a whole. At the end of every day, or from the start, all I wanted was to be home with our little family. My door was always open but never knocked on, but in reality, sometimes you have to leave and close it behind you as well, and I seldom did that. So, in being rational, logical, and monetarily smart, let’s do this. Shooting to get on the market in the spring but, not unsurprisingly, the months just kept creeping up and pushing us back. So many details and nuances. So many uncertainties. So many T’s to cross and I’s to dot. Needing to buy this and sell that. Clean that and throw away this. What to take and what to pack. So many ridiculous amounts of, What? But we pulled it off. The last few months, or year(s), in San Diego was so amazingly eye opening. Tiny confirmations that we were making the right decision, from friends new and old, to family or surroundings that were wearing thin. So we did the unfathomable and proceeded to put ourselves and our fur babies’ needs first.

The time had come and we drove out of California with a blank roadmap. Drive North was about as much as we’d mapped out so north we drove. Searching over a small but generous part of western Washington, driving by dozens of houses and looking inside dozens more. There were houses that weren’t worth taking any pictures of, and some that were solely for comical purposes, and then there was a prospect that became a fit for us! And oh-my-fuck-yeah we found a house! Supposedly we should be getting the keys next week. Like, next fucking week!! It’s been one of those hurry up and wait scenarios. For months it’s been pretty much up, down, back and forth. We’re ready to sell! Wait. Sold! Hurry up and move out! Drive. Camp. Drive. Searching for the new house, found one! Wait. Paperwork. Ready. Go!! Waiting for the keys. I don’t think I need to paint an exact picture for you, I can’t. I’m convinced this is going to be an extremely interesting first month of 2017. 

My only hopes, wants or needs right away are, in this order: a secure fence for the dogs, that the old as fuck oven and fridge work for now, and hot water. Everything  we own outside this trailer is sitting in a POD is SD, for a couple more weeks it turns out. Thankfully our trailer has a mattresss that we can pull out and sleep on the floor in the house for the time being, and that will be the only piecce of furniture in the house until then. We have a space heater and plenty of blankets and pillows to cuddle up to and animals to use as blankets whether they like it or not. I know our possibilities when we start on this house are unlimited, that we will make a home for us forever or for someone else in the very near future. Making a tough or inconvenienced situation a warm and happy one, is rewarding and part of the journey itself. We try not to keep things boring around these parts. 

Cheers to a Merry New Year to everyone. And, if needed, a nice tree outside you can hide behind and piss on 2016. ❤🍷